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What is Spiritual Discipline?


Discipline: training to act in accordance with rules; an activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill. To some, this might sound like a not-so-fun idea that requires a lot of commitment and energy. Discipline is hard work. But how does discipline play into our lives as followers of Christ? What is meant by this idea ofspiritual discipline? How does t...

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Wake up the Wonder


One unmistakable reality about the age in which we live is that we are absolutely inundated with information. This is a fast-moving avalanche that shows no signs of slowing down. Researchers estimate that about 90% of the world's data was produced in the last 2 years, alone. By this year, 2020, the average internet user will be producing 1.7 megabytes per second. It's no w...

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Fasting and Prayer: They Go Hand in Hand


Fasting without prayer isn't spiritual. God isn't asking us to deprive ourselves from nutrition without seeking Him. When we as believers spiritually fast, we are called to lean on God and God alone. Without leaning on Him, we lean to other earthly things to give us rest. And rest can only be found in Him. So what does this mean? And how can we pray for our needs during th...

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Fasting for Beginners and New Christians


If I were to guess, fasting is probably something you do not do often. Maybe you have fasted before for health reasons, such as juice cleanses, intermittent fasting, weight loss, etc., but fasting for spiritual purposes is often put on the back burner. It seems hard. It seem a bit painful. It feels like a labor. As humans marred by sin, we don't like things that feel like...

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The Importance of Moving During Self Isolation


Staying physically active might be one of the best things we can do for ourselves during this time of self isolation. Not because it's time to get rock solid abs or anything (if you are, props to you), but it's a great time to start taking care of our bodies--both mentally and physically. Now more than ever, we are spending more time in our homes sitting and less time get...

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The Reliability of the Resurrection of Jesus


Last Sunday, our church family just celebrated Easter. Easter is a celebration of Jesus' historical resurrection from death to life. When you sit back and think on this, it's pretty shocking to meditate on the reality that Christ lived, died, and lived again. But, did the resurrection really happen? Everything we as Christians say and live by depends on the truthfulness of...

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Creativity in Quarantine


If you're anything like me, this season of self-quarantine has provided an interesting opportunity to pay attention to the rhythms and patterns of our lives. My observation is that these rhythms, because of the season in which we find ourselves, have conglomerated into a big gray mass where every minute of my day looks like the previous one. Not unlike a casino with their ...

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What Does the Resurrection of Jesus Mean for Our Lives Today?


Have you ever wondered what the resurrection of Jesus actually means for your life now? Yesterday was the greatest day of the year. Easter is the day that we celebrate the greatest event in all of history. The event that Jesus defeated the grave. He is alive! It's a day where we shout from the rooftops, "He is risen indeed!" His resurrection secured our salvation and our ...

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VIDEO SERIES: A Closer Look at the Sermon on the Mount

Image from iOS (2)

PART ONE: Matthew 1 (an introduction) Closer Look_ SOTM 1 ...

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The Leadership Lessons of Jesus for Difficult Times


Everybody has a moment. It's the moment that comes along that defines you. Like the color of a vehicle, it's the first thing you think about when that person comes to mind. Maybe it's a conflict moment. Maybe it's an accidental moment. Maybe it's a leadership moment. And during this season, I would argue that to be so in spades. We have a unique opportunity right now to c...

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12-Week Online Men's Devotional with Pastor Greg

Men's Devo

Register today for a 12-Week Online Men's Devotional with Pastor Greg. We will be walking through Darrin Patrick's book,The Dude's Guide to Manhood. DETAILS: Register here for free Starts March 26 Every Thursday at 8pm Meeting will be over zoom Zoom link will be sent out at 7:30pm every Sunday ...

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12-Week Online Women's Devotional with Bri McKinney

Men's Devo-3

Register today for a 12-Week Online Women's Devotional with Bri McKinney. We will reading the book from our Women's Dinner, Nothing to Prove, by Jennie Allen. DETAILS: Register here for free Starts March 26 Every Thursday at 8pm Meeting will be over zoom Zoom link will be sent out at 7:30pm every Sunday ...

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Easter Week in a Quarantine World


At Veritas, we have a phrase that we use every Sunday. We call Sunday, "Game Day!" I walk around fist bumping people. We shout it out around the room to one another. It's a part of our culture here. Sunday is GAME DAY! I miss being in person on Game Day! And if Sunday is GAME DAY, then Easter Sunday is THE SUPER BOWL.This is the first time that I can remember churches acr...

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What is Maundy Thursday?

My Post-6

As we observe Holy Week, we pause and reflect on a series of events that radically altered the course of history and changed many of our lives forever. If you grew up in a church tradition that followed the liturgical calendar, all of the events and language surrounding Holy Week might be familiar. However, there are many traditions that don't typically place much emphasis...

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The Gospel & Anxiety


“anxiety is just pride in disguise“ says Pastor Cameron's in his new Blog called "THE GOSPEL & ANXIETY" ...

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10 Ways to Practically Fight Anxiety RIGHT NOW


(1) Read God's Word // This is your first feast of the day (2) Meditate // Clear your mind. Dwell is a great app for this (they are giving 60-days free right now) (3) Stick to a schedule // If you are going to bed whenever, and waking up whenever, then you are doing it wrong. (4) Exercise // Get your heart rate up and sweat daily. (5) Sleep // 6-8 hours. Don't skimp ...

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Click here to read Savannah's blog post called 'Control' "I don't know about you but I don't do well with the unknowns and uncertainties life can bring. I guess it's a good thing it's not me who's in control then, right? We have a God who knew this would happen far before we did and knows exactly how all of thi...

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Some Reading for Your Self-Quarantine


For better or worse, we are finding ourselves in the midst of this pandemic with an unprecedented period of time at home. Whether that time has been restful for you or even more busy than usual, we're all similar in that we're adapting to a new way of life. In this new way of life, we are seeing our rhythms shaped and challenged as we want to continue being healthy, social...

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Veritas City Worship (new EP)


Since we had to post-pone our worship night, where we were recording our first ever live EP, we decided to still release an EP of 5 songs. We will release 1 song per week for the next 5 weeks. The EP is called "Songs of Peace." We pray this work encourages your heart to love Jesus more during this uncertain season. LISTEN TO THE EP HERE...

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