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The Leadership Lessons of Jesus for Difficult Times

Everybody has a moment. It's the moment that comes along that defines you. Like the color of a vehicle, it's the first thing you think about when that person comes to mind. Maybe it's a conflict moment. Maybe it's an accidental moment. Maybe it's a leadership moment. And during this season, I would argue that to be so in spades. We have a unique opportunity right now to c...

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Some Reading for Your Self-Quarantine

For better or worse, we are finding ourselves in the midst of this pandemic with an unprecedented period of time at home. Whether that time has been restful for you or even more busy than usual, we're all similar in that we're adapting to a new way of life. In this new way of life, we are seeing our rhythms shaped and challenged as we want to continue being healthy, social...

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Dwell: Free (for 60 days) Audio Bible


Dwell is amazing app that allows you to keep scripture in your ears and in yours heart wherever you are....

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10 Ways to Practically Fight Anxiety RIGHT NOW


(1) Read God's Word // This is your first feast of the day (2) Meditate // Clear your mind. Dwell is a great app for this (they are giving 60-days free right now) (3) Stick to a schedule // If you are going to bed whenever, and waking up whenever, then you are doing it wrong. (4) Exercise // Get your heart rate up and sweat daily. (5) Sleep // 6-8 hours. Don't skimp ...

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“anxiety is just pride in disguise“ says Pastor Cameron's in his new Blog called "THE GOSPEL & ANXIETY" ...

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Church-Wide Online Prayer Meeting


On Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern Time, we will meet for a weekly30-minute church wide prayer time over Zoom. Zoom link --

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31-Day Prayer Devotional


Download and follow along with our 31-Day Prayer Devotional during our Worry, Anxiety, Fear, JESUS series. DOWNLOAD THE PRAYER DEVOTIONAL HERE...

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