10 Ways to Practically Fight Anxiety RIGHT NOW


(1) Read God's Word // This is your first feast of the day

(2) Meditate // Clear your mind. Dwell is a great app for this (they are giving 60-days free right now)

(3) Stick to a schedule // If you are going to bed whenever, and waking up whenever, then you are doing it wrong.

(4) Exercise // Get your heart rate up and sweat daily.

(5) Sleep // 6-8 hours. Don't skimp on what fuels you for the next day.

(6) Eat healthy // Doritos are not your friend. You are what you eat.

(7) Make something // Creativity is your friend. You are what you make.

(8) Spring clean // If you haven't seen the documentary on Netflix called "Minimalism," then I'd highly suggest it. They go a little far, but this is a perfect time to "spark some joy."

(9) Start a project // You already know which one it is you need to start. You're welcome.

(10) Participate in an outreach project // There are many churches, ministries, and non-profits working hard right now to care for the vulnerable. Jump in and get busy!

THE BONUS (11) Hangout online with friends // This is weird, but it's still life-giving. Do it!