Dear Members (from your pastors)


Dear Members (from your pastors),

First of all, we are honored to be your pastors. As we look back over the last year, there is much for which we can be thankful. Veritas City Church is a miracle story, and God has been kind to advance our church in Georgetown and sustain us in the process. We have grown tremendously since moving into the new building on the Georgetown Waterfront, we have added a good membership base, and we have added new staff members (Elijah and Savannah).

There is much to be excited about, but there is still more work to be done.

We wanted to write this letter to encourage you in your journey with us and in your relationship with Christ. We have many new covenant members, and many of our covenant members (new and old) have been asking us, “What can we do?” to help and make our church better? This is a natural and good question to be asking. One caveat here: We want to acknowledge that all of our members aren’t in the same life-stage. There are some who have open calendars right now andothers who do not. Therefore, this letter is more generic in tone than specific.

In many churches today, there are many things to do.

There are many programs to be involved in. There are many events to attend. However, most churches are not in Washington, DC. Our city is an over-programmed city with a never-ending number of events in which to participate.

Furthermore, our goal is not to bea “come and see” church. This means that our goal is not to create programs or events to bring you here(save 1 or 2 per year). We are a church that points to the One who said, “Come and see” (John 1:39). Therefore, webelieve that life, discipleship, and mission happen outside of the church building in real and authentic community where Christians live life and are on mission together.

For these reasons, we want to define and articulate what covenant membership looks like at Veritas in a way that it is consistent with these values:

Here is what it means “to do” at Veritas City Church as a covenant member:

1) Pursue Christ through personal spiritual disciplines

Our hope is that there is space in your life to practice the disciplines that will stir your heart’s affections for the mission of Christ and engage your mind’s attention for the things of Christ (Phil. 3:1-11; Ps. 63). This includes daily bible reading, intercessory prayer, Scripture memory, and more. It is through the disciplines that no one sees that your heart is filled with the joy of Christ (Phil. 4:8; Luke 6:45; 2 Tim. 2:15; Prov. 4:23). When we do this with vigor and haste, we will find ourselves desiring to kill sin in our life and grow and mature in our relationship with Christ (Heb. 12:1).

2) Pursue Christ by attending weekend gatherings

One of the biggest ministries you have as a covenant member is a ministry of attendance (Heb. 10:25; Matt. 18:20; Acts 2:42-47; Col. 3:16). Coming together weekly with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to worship God through singing, hear the preaching of the Word, pray together publicly, read the Scriptures together publicly, practice the ordinances, and spend time encouraging one another in your faith. Now that we have a Sunday morning and a Monday evening gathering, we are encouraging you to an active participation and commitment with our gatherings.

As Christians, this is not just something we do arbitrarily. We encourage you to have active participation in our gatherings because it is through this medium we believe your faith grows the most (Heb. 3:13). If you think about it through the lens of sports, the Sunday (and now Monday) gathering is the actual game. It is the game through which your faith is fueled to then go out into the world on mission (Matt. 28:16-20; Acts 1:8). It is the game in which you rehearse the gospel over and over and over and over, so that when you go about sojourning (1 Pt. 2:11), you are confident in the things you believe about a resurrected Jesus (2 Tim. 1:3).

3) Pursue Christ by being in missional community together with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

This is where the life of our church happens. We acknowledge from the beginning that we were created for community (Gen. 2). Furthermore, it is through community that our faith becomes active and engaged into the lives of other people (Heb. 10:23-25)—not only through discipleship but also on mission together (Acts 2:42-47).

4) Pursue Christ by giving generously to Veritas City Church

Generosity is the apex of mission. We when give sacrificially we are mirroring the sacrificial work of Christ for us (Eph. 5:2). When we walk in love, as Christ loved us, then we give of ourselves to one another and for another. This means that we generous with our money (Matt. 13; 1 Tim. 6:10), time (Prov. 27:1; Psalm 90:12; Rom. 13:11; Eph. 5:16), and giftings (1 Cor. 12; Romans 12).

One of the biggest ways you can serve our church is to AUTOMATE YOUR GENEROSITY. When you do this, it allows you to give God the first fruits of your money, time, and giftings (Prov. 3:9-10; Neh. 10:35).

You can automate your giving to Veritas City Church by going to

5) Pursue Christ by being faithful in your work, rest, creativity, hospitality, and citizenship

In other words, instead of displaying your “busyness for Christ” inside the walls of the church building, be busy for Christ on mission with your life (Matt. 28:16-20). This is what it means to flourish as a follower of Jesus. By simply being faithful in your work, rest, creativity, hospitality, and citizenship, we will find that our calendars and schedules will be more full than even expected.

Veritas, we love you. We are excited about what God is doing in the life of our church, and we are praying for you to find deep joy not always in your doing for Christ, but even more so in your being with Christ.


For His Glory,

Pastor Greg and Pastor Cameron

October 7, 2019