Being Pro-Life is Anchored in God, Not Our Politics


Have you been keeping up with the news lately? There is so much chatter, and intensity, surrounding the latest debate on abortion. To catch you up, here's a good summary over at the ERLC of what's happening in America.

However, I'm not going to venture into the political debate here, as much as I want to take us directly to the Scriptures to remind us that this conversation is very important, because this conversation begins and continues with God, and life begins and continues because of God.

Here's what I mean:

ONE: Our view of the Scriptures influences our view on life.

As Christians, we should seek to live with a gospel lens in all things. In other words, we should cultivate whatever decision we make, or political stance we have, even our entire worldview as crafted and cultivate by the Scriptures (1 Tim. 3:16). This includes, but is not limited to, the conversation surrounding abortion.

TWO: Life begins as God has ordained it.

The argument that life begins at conception is somewhat right and somewhat wrong. As God's creation, we are a foreknown creation. Paul speaks of this "before the foundations of the world theology" in Ephesians 1, as he reminds us that those of us who are in Christ have been chosen before God created everything. 

THREE: Life begins as God has created it.

This is where the conversation surrounding abortion for Christians usually begins; however, let us be remind of point 1 and 2 before we jump in here. Our baseline must be that 1) God exists; 2) God created the world; 3) God reveals himself through the Scriptures; and 4) the Scriptures craft our worldviews. At this point, we can be confident that all life has been ordained by God and created by God. He is the Author of all life, and he is the Creator of all "moments of conception" (Psalm 139:13-16).

FOUR: Life continues as God has sustained it.

In our "big view of God theology," we believe that God not only ordains life and creates life, but He also sustains life. We live, as humans, because God declares that we live. Every breathe breathed out is breathed out under the reign of God over His creation. No life is born, lives, or dies outside of God's control.

FIVE: Life continues as God has defeated death.

However, what sets God apart as God is that death is not our final stopping place. As we depart the interstate of life, death is not the last exit. He is God over life, and He is God over death. What is more, he has defeated death through the resurrection of His Son, Jesus, over death. Death has been dealt it's final death blow.  

SIX: Life continues as God is eternal.

As life begins with God, life also continues with God. The Christian worldview reminds us that those of us who are in Christ will be with God for eternity. We, also, are reminded that there is great hope in the gospel message, as it is rooted in the character of who God is. As such, we believe in and trust in God's goodness that babies who have been aborted (and even miscarried), are with God in Heaven... for eternity.

In Conclusion:

Being pro-life does not find itself monopolized by any political party. Being pro-life, and pro-human from conception to the grave, is a worldview. And as such, it's a worldview that begins with God alone and the truth that He is good.

And that's a worldview that leads to life.