MORE FROM RUTH / 5 Ways to Champion Your Local Church


A term that we use often at Veritas is that we want to "practice like we play." In other words, we don't just want our Sunday Gatherings to be awesome, or our City Groups to be awesome, but we want every single part of our young (not even 2-years-old yet) and growing church to be, you guessed it, awesome.

We do this because we beleive that God has given every single part of our church (His church, really) to us to steward well for his glory, the good of our city, and the good of the people who call Veritas home.

In Ruth 1, we see Elimelech move his family away from Bethlehem to Moab. It's easy to gloss over this when just reading through chapter 1, but I want you to see that what Elimelech did here was not wise. In other words, Elimelech moved his family away from these 5 things:

  • God's Word
  • God's People
  • God's Mission
  • God's Presence

And because he moved away from those 4 things, he also forfeited... 

  • God's Provision and Blessing

We often want the 5th one (God's provision and blessing) to come quickly and stay with us. However, as Ruth 1 reminds us, God's provision and blessing come as we are committed to God's Word, God's People (the local church), God's Mission, and God's Presence. When we move away from those things into Moab, then we are also moving away from God's provision and blessing.


SIDE NOTE: Some of us will have to move away, and that is okay. However, let us be wise in where we move. Let us, with wisdom, move to where the people of God are. If we are moving to Moab for a season, then, like Elimelech, you should probably be prepared for a dry season. 


Therefore, Veritas, let's practice like we play. If we want to mature in our walk with Jesus, then we must commit to staying in Bethlehem. This shows our highest commitment to the local church. 

And for our purpose in this article, we must commit to the local church. Here are 5 ways you can be commited to God's people, the church.

ONE: Show up

One of the best ways to practice your covenant membership in the local church is to show up often and show up consistently. I would argue that if you are only showing up twice a month, then you are only committed 50% of the time. Make it a habit to gather with other brothers and sisters in Christ. 

TWO: Invite people

You can't invite people to church and bring people with you if you are not showing up consistently yourself. Low hanging fruit evangelism is simply inviting people to come with you to church. 

THREE: Give generously

Like evangelism, giving is an act of obedience. We give generously as Christians, because we believe that God owns everything anyways. Furthermore, we give generously because we believe in the mission and vision of our local church.

FOUR: Serve and volunteer

Another way to be committed to your local church is by serving and volunteering. When you serve and volunteer you are using the gifts that God has given you to build up the body of Christ. Also, when you volunteer and serve in different ways, the body of Christ is better because of it.

FIVE: Minister to one another

There will be seasons of famine and failure in your life, and there might even be seasons of famine and failure in the life of the church. When that happens, the body of Christ is there for one another, bearing one another's burdens, and seeking unity when trials and hardship come. The local church should be a place where broken people can find healing, and where healed people can serve the broken.